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Parker Fly Deluxe GK-2A installation

This was a very interesting project.  This is my main guitar for playing live in the classic rock covers band 'Rodger' (www.rodger.info).  I make extensive use of guitar modeling / synth with Roland VG-88 and GR-20 foot pedals.  I've had a Roland GK-2A pickup screwed to the front of this guitar for years but recently decided to try and fit the thing into the existing electronics cavity of the guitar.  Parkers are notoriously 'thin' so I knew it wouldn't be easy.  However, because of my knowledge relating to the fitting of GK-2A pickups into Yamaha Telecasters (the TeleMods speciality), I managed to modify the circuit board enough to squeeze it into the Parker - even though this Parker also has a Sustainiac system built in already.  I'm really pleased with the result. 

The functionality of the midi pickup has been tailored to suit my particular use in that there's no 3-way switch for selection of GK/Both/Humbuckers and there's no GK volume control but both these functions are controlable via the VG-88.  I never used the 3-way switch on the GK-2A and always had the GK volume set to 'full'.  I did, however, need the S1/S2 (up/down) switch for changing patches on the GR-20 so I included this. The photos below show some detail of the switching and socketry.  There are 3 extra switches to the normal Parker Fly compliment: the top 2 switches are for the Sustainiac on/off and Sustainiac Effect (3-way).  The very bottom switch, between the normal Parker 3-way pickup selector and the Parker 3 -way Piezo/both/humbuckers switches, is the S1/S2 momentary (centre sprung) switch.  You'll notice that the GK-2A is mounted upside down and trimmed at the bottom for tidyness.  You'll also notice the use of the vastly superior circular screw collar fitting multiway connector for the 13 pin Roland cable. 

Thanks for taking an interest.  Any questions, I'm only too pleased to answer.


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