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Most guitarists like feedback(!), here's some from our clients.

1 - great guitar, quick delivery, if you're into synth guitar these are the business.

2 - Great item. Fast international shipping! Thanks A+++

3 - Hi, I just wanted to say that this is just an amazingly good guitar. The synthy stuff works fine, of course, but I now find I have three far more expensive guitars which I just never play. Obviously some of the credit has to go to Yamaha, but I've played other Pacificas and none of them are anything like this good. Thanks, it's the best guitar buy I've made in a long time (possibly ever).--tim

4 - "I was trying to find a simpleyet flexible guitar with a Roland GK pickup, that would serve my every need in studio: single coil, humbucker and midi tracking. While searching this ultimatum, every calculation with reasonable parts took the price tag to way over £800, and there was still the installation work to be done. Then I found a beautiful Telemods telecaster for $450 - all done, customized qualityinstrument with built-in stealthy GK-2A pickup. No need for external uggly GKpickup controller! It got even better. The guitar had Seymour Duncan (SH4-JBand SH2-N)splittable humbuckers, locking tuners and intonation compensated brass nut.And the guitar itself had an outstanding setup. Directly out of box the fretwork was perfect - on of thebest I've ever seen, the action was superb and intonation perfect. Can't think of better guitar for the money. An all around guitar without compromises!" Arttu Kontkanen - Stockholm

5 Got the guitar today and have been trying it out for an hour or so….I absolutely LOVE it! GR trigging is perfect, and I haven´t changed a thing in the GR settings! Different scale length and everything… Thanks a million! I will highly recommend you to anyone going down the guitar-synth lane. Best Simon

6 - Received the guitar a couple of hours ago. Very happy.
You can record this as feedback if you wish.
Very happy customer. Excellent guitar. Set up perfectly and only needed a quick tune up out of the box. No need to adjust anything. Very playable and usable in 'normal' guitar mode. Mine has single coil pickups so it delivers a nice twangy sound. The alder body gives the guitar a nice deep natural tone.
When plugged in to a synth (I have a GR20) it tracks very well. The controls are set up so that I have complete on-board control over patch switching. Even better - when using the 13 pin- I can blend the real sounds (from the proper pickups) and the synth sounds with separate volume controls. Very well thought out and put together.
Many Thanks

7 -Hi Alan just wanted to let you know the guitar arrived safely and all I can say is WOW what a piece of kit thank you so much you workmanship is second to none will keep an eye out to see what else you have coming up for sale many many thanks Dave 

8 -Lack of superlatives really , without proper tooling, neck duplicators and CNC cutting machines I could not ask for anything more , the paint is smart and blemish free, I was expecting a 90's Yamaha strat paintwork , the tuners and nut really are nice touches and brass nut just somehow makes the guitar feel £500 more expensive.  The action and overall set-up is just to my liking , plays fast and smooth ,new strings stretched in good now and hold tune perfectly.  Switches feel qaulity too. Cant imagaine the graft that goes into the electronical side of installing the GK3 but please pass on my happiness to whom it may concern! Lastly but not least the headstock reshaping is just totally rad! Great shape if not recognizable a certain improvement over the Yam design. So to summarize , an extremely happy character today and proud owner of a Telemods guitar.  

9 - So I found a guy who builds guitars including all the electrics for a living, and had him mod my JTV-69 to connect to a Roland GR-33 synth via a 13 pin midi cable. This meant putting a Roland GK pickup on the guitar, adding the 13 pin midi connection, and also adding a synth volme knob and an S1/S2 switching knob for synth control. He did it fantastically well and I gigged as the second guitarist / keyboard player merrily for a few years before we inevitably broke up. The key I found to making it work properly was jsing a unit like the GR-33 which has high qulaity patches that I was looking for, and very slightly modifying my playing, a bit more gently than before perhaps. The results are brilliant. I have never seen anyone mod a guitar like this, at least beyond the frankenstein workbench stage. You would not know this wasn't a factory mod, such is the quality of the workmanship.

10 -

Probably our final exchange for a while so I just want to say: 
Wonderful guitar Alan! Fabulous workmanship! Plays beautifully, and the sound, well, it's just perfect!
Best decision I've made regarding ANYTHING for a long while!

11 -

Guitar arrived 30 minutes ago.  Thanks for shipping it out so quick!  Came home for lunch so I could play it a bit.
I love it!  Very comfortable neck.  Haven't tried the Roland yet.  Will have more time after work.Just broke out the GP-10 and set it up for the first time.  The guitar set up flawlessly.  I'm like a kid in a candy store!

Probably our final exchange for a while so I just want to say:

12 - Hi Al,
The guitar arrived this morning and it's a little cracker. Your work is so good...I don't know how you do it for the money! ( Thank goodness you do! )
Thanks very much for your time and trouble and for the great communication.
Steve Channing

13 - Thanks Alan, great guitar with great set up, I was concerned when delivered with a hole punched in the parcel, but you have obviously done this before and packaging was great, it ranks very highly with my other 13 expensive guitars. Thanks again ken

14 -

I spent almost 3 months looking for a Roland ready guitar and was on the verge of giving up. A few weeks ago, I came across a recommendation for a company called Telemods. I went onto their site and saw that their guitars are all custom made and saw a beautiful black RR strat and decided to give them a call to find out more about it.

The phone was answered by a gent called Alan who was very friendly and went into great detail about what to expect and a chat in general. I put in my order and within a few days, my guitar arrived, along with a Fender gig bag and long guitar lead which was an unexpected bonus. The communication from start to finish has been faultless in my opinion.

I have spent the last few weeks playing with it and have to say it is absolutely perfect. The action is low, the set up was spot on and everything works as it should. I have played more in two weeks than the last 6 months and I highly recommend, especially if you need a guitar with built in Gk pickup.

It's better than any fender RR I have played, inn be promise that you won't be disappointed!!

***** 5 stars from me *****

Steve Gilbert 




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