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Witkowski Strat GK Kit installation

This was an interesting one.  The customer wanted a Roland GK-Kit-GT3 fitting into his lovely Witkowski Strat (check out these youtube videos).  The kit comprises of a GK3 pickup, various pots and switches and the circuit board, which can just be squeezed into the Strat control cavity.  The tricky bit was to 'cut down' the GK3 pickup to fit neatly into the scratch plate (which needed a recess cutting into it - see photos) and re-direct the wires, invisibly, into the control cavity via the bridge pickup cavity

The lower tone pot was sacrificed for the midi volume control and the two toggle switchws are:1 - mag pickups only / mag pickups AND midi pickup / midi pickup only2 - S1 / S2 midi program change swich (centre sprung)

I think it's quite a neat job without too much alteration to the Strat's 'good looks'


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