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Installation of a GK3 into a Peavey EXP Signature

A customer asked me if I could install a Roland GK3 midi system, internally, into his lovely Peavey EXP Signature in the usual 'TeleMods' way.   It was a very interesting project, especially as regards to trying to keep the guitar's 'good looks' whilst still including all the functionality of the GK3, ie all the switches, pots and sockets.  Between us, we decided on the placement of  the mini toggle switches (for S1 up / S2 down and midi / both / mags) in order to save space.  The Roland 13 pin socket was replaced with the much more robust 12 pin circular screw collar fitting, right next to the existing jack socket and I supplied a dedicated lead for connecting to the Roland gear.  Oh yes, and I fitted an Earvana nut as well.

Here's a few photos:


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