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Parker Fly Deluxe

Internal installation of Roland GK-2A midi pickup into customer's Parker Fly Deluxe. Most people like the Roland GK-2A (and GK-3) pickups for what they do for a guitar's synth capability.  However, bar none, guitarists say they look 'ugly' stuck on their guitar.  Our aim is to install the GK-2A as unobtrusively as possible. Here is a customer's Parker Fly Deluxe with GK-2A internal installation.

Here you can see the hole drilled for the circular multiway connector and the 2 switches for up/down (S1/S2) and guitar/both/midi selection.

The electronics board and bridge pickup have been temporarily removed for wiring convenience.

Here's the GK-2A pickup mounted, neatly, between the bridge pickup and tremolo bridge.

Here's the multiway socket and extra switches mounted in the least obtrusive positions.All the functionality of the GK-2A is retained except for a 'midi' volume control - I did not want to spoil the look of the front of the guitar with another control knob.  This function can usually be assigned to the Roland GK unit being used via the foot 'swell' pedal.Note the use of the circular screw fitting multiway connector instead of the normal (and often unreliable) 13 pin GK connector.  A dedicated lead is obviously requird to connect the guitar to the synth.


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