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The Sheffield Guitar Collective 

The aim of The Sheffield Guitar Collective is to provide:

1) free advice to guitarists and others in the music industry via email links to the various 'experts' here on these pages and

2) An affordable service for guitarists to call on when they need their instruments (including amps as well as guitars) repairing / modifying

To that end we have created 'The Sheffield Guitar Collective' in an effort to pool the combined expertise of local guitar techs / electronics 'gurus' and working musicians all under one 'roof'.

'On board' already in The Sheffield Guitar Collective are:

Expert luthier Jon Shuker at Shuker Guitars 
Marshall valve amp 'guru' Ian Higginbottom
Rob  Wheeler for all things Yamaha guitar related
Alan at Telemods for all things Roland GK related
Jon Peace for all things 'Strat' related
Nick Robinson designed this site, let him help with yours!

Here at TeleMods we can undertake most electric guitar repairs / modifications and set-ups.  We can also carry out valve amp repairs including valve testing / replacement

Please enquire here in the first instance or ring Alan on 07722 042 091

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